Consulting Services

The focus of Clarinet’s Consulting Services is on Online Marketing for Small to Medium Businesses.

Solution oriented, not product oriented.

At Clarinet our mission is not to sell boxes, but to solve our customers’ problems. Our first job is to listen to the customer and understand their problem and their business. This gives us the flexibility to maintain, upgrade or replace existing systems and websites when appropriate. We are also happy to refer our clients to others if we think there is a better fit.

website seo

Google AnalyticsWebsite optimization is not just to make your site easier to find with Google and Bing searches. At Clarinet we help you to create a website which visitors will read and remember, instead of hitting the Back button.

places pages

Google Maps - Places PagesWhat’s happened to the Yellow Pages? The Melbourne Yellow Pages directory is no longer over 4,500 but has shrunk to less than 2,300 pages. Google is the new Yellow Pages, and Google search results focus on local business Google Places Pages.

social media

GooglePlus - FacebookFacebook Business pages, Google-Plus Business Pages, Twitter feeds, FourSquare, LinkedIn… Are you overwhelmed yet? Social Media is important for your business, but to maximise the benefits without it being and time and resource drain requires a rigorous plan…

subscription email

emailsA carefully and sensitively created subscription email program will add value to the lives of your customers and prospects. And when they trust you they will buy from you.

websites for mobile

iphone showing GoogleOver 50% of Google searches in the USA are from mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. But with their small screens, the phones especially require a website rethink to make them easier for mobile visitors to use.

social proof

Foursquare - YelpIt’s brand new jargon, but businesses need to sit up and take note. With the ever-expanding database of customer reviews available, modern, online shoppers are reluctant to purchase unreviewed products and services.