Encrypted HTML Generator

This page generates a Vigenere cipher of a key and plaintext. When used with the decode function this can be used to obfuscate the text of an HTML page.

A typical application would be to generate an mailto link on a web page. As spammers often scrape web pages to find e-mail addresses, encrypting the e-mail address raises the bar, requiring the spammers to execute the page’s Javascript to find the e-mail address.

To use the generator enter your key and plain text into the fields below and press the encode button. Copy the code generated into your web page. Ensure that the decode function is contained within the head section of the page.

Plain Text

<script type=text/javascript >
function decode(k,s)
	var o = "";
	for (var i = 0; i < s.length ; i++)
	       var c = s.charCodeAt(i);
	       c = c - k.charCodeAt(i % k.length);
	       o = o + String.fromCharCode(c);

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